Thank you so much for this training! Everything about it was excellent! You created such an enjoyable learning environment that was inclusive and encouraging! I really appreciated the details and depth of your training, and the confidence and resources we came away with!

Thank you, Todd, for all you do. This job is hard to do, and you helped us in your teaching and your stories to become better listeners. I can't say enough how I enjoyed learning new material and being with a group of such caring people. thanks again.

Thank you, Todd.  I believe this course was well thought out and planned.  It has given me the confidence I need to move into a new chapter in my life.  I am looking forward to serving families in a new way.  Venue was good.  Easy to get to.  Restaurant excellent.  Room great.  Coffee and liquids and snacks, excellent.

The sharing of stories from Todd’s many years of experience and the sharing from the participants.  The stories were the heart & soul of the training and made the learning real and the practical application made the learning memorable. I enjoyed the cross-section of participants from rural to small town to big city.  This provided a broad range of experience.

Todd was great.  His stories made you feel you were right there.

I absolutely loved the course.  Todd is an exceptional leader, mentor and facilitator.

This training exceeded my expectations.  Thank you, Todd - You Are Amazing!

Edmonton- October 2019

Saskatoon- January 2020

Your sincere and caring heart.  The heart felt stories that you shared.  The respect & gentle encouragement offered to all participants.  A very organized presentation & awesome facilitation.  Thank you for a delightful, fun, engaging and significant learning weekend.    

What I most liked was how real Todd was.  His reassurance that its okay to show emotion was huge for me.  I love the thought of being able to help people in a positive way in their time of need.  I loved everyone in our group and they were accepted for who they are.  Everyone felt valued.

Todd is an amazing facilitator!!  Very approachable, warm, open sincere and willing to answer any questions that are asked.  Todd has a beautiful heart and is perfect in this role as a celebrant and facilitator.  Todd you are living out such a purposeful life!!  Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be part of it!!

The entire weekend was wonderful.  Todd has a wealth of experience, his stories - all so impactful.  Todd was extremely organized, approachable and well spoken.    Thank you, Todd!  You are a great teacher and a gift!  

Todd, I loved your stories and warm demeanor.  You made me feel comfortable and helped me to start overcoming my fear of public speaking.  I honestly just loved it!

I received so much helpful information.  Looking forward to using it.​

Thank you, Todd, it was awesome.  Your transparency is refreshing.

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